Passion and Devotion to Technology.

I started working with PC’ S properly about 12 months ago, I did not know much so I started researching into it and found I have a real passion for technology. I work a lot at home designing and building PC’s, although this more of a hobby at the moment I also spend my time constantly curious about what a device looks like behind the case of so I spend my days opening devices and learning and researching in to a whole manner of problems they could have. I have learned a massive amount of knowledge and have been practicing daily for the last 12 months. I have recently been fixing PC’s and Laptops for family and friends and have been given positive feedback across the board. I thought I would start selling my skills to a wider market and begin my journey of owning my own business where I can help others with their technology problems. I am working towards my apprenticeship to get the qualifications to go further with this business and become successful at what i love doing. I have the passion to move up in the world of technology and look to get to work with amazing devices of all ages and get to meet their owners.


  • Upgrading hardware of PC’s and Laptops.
  • Troubleshoot problems.
  • Repair and recover a damaged device.
  • Clean disks and boost your computer’s performance.


  • To help with any problem your device has.
  • To shape PC repairs, making it affordable and easier for you.
  • Calls to help figure out the problem.
  • Repair a functioning device instead of spending money on buying a new one.